Three Rarely Used But Efficient Tool For a Successful Career

Persistence and Resilience:

For most, the first job won’t be where they want to be, the important thing here is to start somewhere and persevere. Persistent and resilience are two most important factor leading to success. Human history has proved it time and again, the successful will have faced many a failure and detours in their meteoric rise to the top. They didn’t get dissuaded by the countless bumps they had to endure. Infact for these  brave successful ones, debacles are seen as elbow room to push their career further to the top. Persistent and resilience shows the true inner self of successful being.

Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it
~ Marva Collins

Success is not just about elbowing your way to the top, nobody wants to be all alone at the top. So all along the journey, leave a positive impact of an enduring legacy, through improvements, & innovations. Be an inspiration to the others, the ride to the top will be sweeter.

“The Mind is not a vessel to be filled with, but a fire to be kindled”
~ Plutarch


Finding a right mentor empowers one to see the near and far. A mentor can instill the sense of attainability when it seems impossible. A mentor can make all the difference sometimes. A good  mentor is a person who guides the mentee to go beyond his mark and further. A mentor not only pass knowledge down to the new generation, but also keeps young recruits motivated and driven in the process. Remember a successful person don’t just happen they are made by the wisdom of an apt mentor or mentors.

“Credence in one’s potential is a must, even though the goal’s far & invisible”

Think of career as a series of experiences, where one collects experience, which impacts and expands one’s worldly view. Lending a fresher perspective and thereby moulding success.